Beware of Free Loan Funds

Beware of Free Loan Funds – Free loan funds have indeed been popular long ago, before the development of the technology world, the provision of free loan funds is usually promoted in various newspapers. The nominal money offered is classified into a sizable amount.

But it is unfortunate, because this type of loan is mostly a mode of fraud that is usually carried out by people who are not responsible for making maximum profits. Not a few people who have become victims of fraudulent free loan funds.


Offering loans for free

Offering loans for free

The borrowers turned out to be asked for a large amount of money too with the reason for the purposes of administrative costs. In this Internet era, free loan fund fraud is even more intense. When you write free loan keywords on the internet, you will find many websites that offer these types of loans.

This is certainly influenced by Indonesia’s increasingly unstable economic situation so that many people cannot meet their daily needs. In times of urgency they will choose to borrow money in various ways. The opportunity was certainly exploited by criminals under the guise of offering free loan funds .

The usual method used by the fraudsters is to promote various types of offers that are very lucrative. Usually they ask the prospective borrower to send a loan proposal and send it to the address of the company or individual listed on the website.

After the borrower submits a loan proposal to the address on the website, the borrower will get a reply letter accompanied by a request for sending money on the grounds that he wants various ways to get free loan funds along with the submission procedure. The requested money was not insignificant, reaching hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

But after the borrower sends the requested amount of money, the borrower never gets a reply letter. And after being traced, the address that was given was also a fake address, alias was only used when they launched the fraud mode, after they got the money they wanted, they immediately moved and did the same form of fraud.


Actually not all offers of free or free loan funds are a form of fraud

free loan funds are a form of fraud

One of which is free loan funds from the government as an aid program for people in need. However, this type of loan is usually only intended for people who need funds for venture capital. In addition there are also offers of free loan funds from abroad such as free loans from Saudi Arabia and Japan.

But to get a free loan is not easy, you must provide detailed and complete information about your reasons for borrowing the money. Because the donors from Saudi Arabia want the money that has been channeled to be really used by the borrower to prosper his life.

Meanwhile, for free loans originating from Japan, the requirements given are even more specific, namely free loans are only intended for institutions engaged in education, social and culture. Institutions that fall into the borrower’s criteria must also be non-profit institutions or institutions that are not commercial in nature.

Therefore to prevent all forms of fraud you must be careful in choosing private or individual institutions that offer free loan funds online or that are widely advertised in newspapers.


If you are asked for some money when applying for a loan

applying for a loan

Then the offer could be a fraudulent mode. Because free loan funds offered by professional parties will never ask you to send an amount of money, whatever the amount.

And avoid offering free loan funds with the promotion of the money you are about to borrow, it must be liquid or definitely given, because private or private institutions that offer free loans legally will not be arbitrary to approve your loan proposal. They will first check your background, the purpose of the money you borrow, and check your loan history.

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