Tips for Finding Non-Bank Loans Through Individual Investors

Nowadays more and more people are interested in becoming business people or entrepreneurs in addition to being civil servants or working in prestigious private companies.

But to realize these goals, people are often constrained by capital problems while the concerned does not dare to deal with banks to apply for loans both with and without collateral.

Apply for loans both with and without collateral


An alternative solution that you can try is to invite other people who have excess funds and want to develop it to invest in the business that you want to start. So at your company later, they are the shareholders. Well, here are tips for finding non-bank loans through individual investors.

It is not an easy matter to convince potential investors to invest their funds to become venture capital.

The reason is clear they do not want their money eroded in vain on investments that do not make them sure or even worse since the beginning they have felt a priori because they feel the investment you are proposing is false fraud under the guise of investment.

Nobody wants to suffer losses, right? But you should not be discouraged because this is one of the initial challenges as a young entrepreneur.

Therefore, you should be able to convince these potential investors by designing a business scheme that you want to start and where potential returns can be achieved.

Describe in detail your business prospects going forward honestly, realistically, and convincingly without anything being covered up with a view to personal gain.

Explain thoroughly about your business plan including the risk of loss as the worst possible. Your sincerity and good intentions will give confidence to potential investors so they are willing to invest in your business. Well, here are some guidelines for effectively getting investors.

Tips for Finding Non-Bank Loans Through Individual Investors


  1. Design a business plan to be established in detail on paper. Express in detail starting from the vision and mission of your intention to establish the company. Don’t forget to include your experience and competence in the business field honestly. These points will attract the attention of potential investors about the business you want to establish.
  1. To potential investors, you explain in as much detail as possible about the strategy that you will implement in order to achieve returns on the business. Thus, potential investors will see profit opportunities for themselves by working with you.
  1. Convince your prospective investors to be honest and in accordance with the fact that working with you can be a golden opportunity to invest in the company that you are going to start so that your capital can grow more and more.
  1. Especially with regard to financial calculations, give potential investors details of the distribution of returns that have the opportunity to be obtained through the business that you initiated. It’s important to provide a clear calculation of the estimated profit opportunity that they will get as an investor who invests funds in your company.
  2. Finally, if all these guidelines do not get results, give a guarantee to your potential investors. This means they will get a 100% refund if the business you start turns out to be a failure.

Thus, your prospective investors will feel confident that you will not run away with their funds or take your hands off if it turns out that the business started failing. For that, instill a determination in yourself that you must not fail by thinking about all the anticipations.

Starting a new business is indeed a challenge in itself but fear of failure should not be an obstacle for you to take action, including taking risks that are likely to occur. Constantly being in a comfort zone will leave you trapped and reluctant to step up to develop your potential and life.

Finding non-bank loans through individual investors

Finding non-bank loans through individual investors

To anticipate failure, make optimal planning by thinking about solutions to every problem that has the opportunity to occur. Discipline in carrying out these strategies so that the business you are pioneering is as successful as you hope.

Well, hopefully, this review of tips on finding non-bank loans through individual investors is useful for you.

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